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Durban Cyclists
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Durban Cyclists Ride In Tribute To Those Killed On M4

Yesterday hundreds of Durban cyclists rode in a memorial ride in honour of the two cyclists killed by a drunk driver on the M4 highway last weekend.

Yesterday morning, Durban cyclists turned out in their hundreds to ride in a memorial ride in honour of cyclists Jared Dwyer (33) and Richard Da Silva (46) who were tragically killed when a drunk driver collided with them on the northbound M4 / Ruth First highway near the Swapo Road turnoff near Durban North Last Sunday.

The Incident

Last Sunday morning, 7th February 2016 at around 5 am, the two cyclists were riding at the back of a pack of approx 25 riders from Kings Park cycling Club riding on the hard shoulder heading north along the M4 highway. A VW Golf GTi driven by an allegedly 4 times over the legal limit for drunk driving, Omesh Ramnarain (36) along with three passengers (two of which are believed to have fled the scene) is said to have been racing another car at high speed when he lost control on the straight just before the Swapo Road (Broadway) off ramp. When this happened, Ramnarain ploughed into the two riders killing them almost instantly. Richard Da Silva's wife was amongst the riders in the pack when the accident occured.Ramnarain was arrested and appeared in court last week where he granted R10 000 bail, he currently faces charges of drunk driving and culpable homicide.However it is not all as cut and dry as that since the KZN Road Traffic Inspectorate has confirmed that it was illegal to cycle on a highway, unless “it is a controlled event”.More to follow as the case progresses.

Memorial Ride

Yesterday morning, 7 days after the incident, hundreds of cyclists from around Durban embarked on a memorial ride which made for a stop at the scene of the incident. Amongst riders from various cycling clubs, the family of the victims also attended as well as the Mayor of Durban, Mayor James Nxumalo who also cycled in tribute as well as the first lady Mrs Madiba-Zuma joined. Head of Events, Safety and Cycling SA, Craig Proctor-Parker thanked the hundreds of people who came to pay their last respects to the two cyclists. he said, “Your presence here today shows how much this tragedy has touched all of you. My heart goes out to Jared’s and Richard’s loved ones and the cycling community of Durban. They died doing what they loved and they will be missed,” Durban Metro Police and the SAPS closed off the M4 in order for the memorial ride to take place safely.Nicely done guys!Please be careful on the roads guys, especially at those times of the mornings, which those times, in particular, are likely to have the drunkest of the drunk on the roads since they've been out partying all night.Also, just something to think about...every time you let a drunk friend get behind the wheel, every time you let people know where a roadblock is...you keep people like this lunatic in his Golf on the road, and as you can see, the drunk driver is fine... its the people that they kill and their families who are not... so think about that the next time you send an SMS or a Tweet warning potentially drunk drivers of road blocks.... who's to say that this oke didn't call his mate who passed through that stretch of road an hour earlier and was told it's all clear, you can give it??? its quite possible... What are your thoughts on this incident? Discuss on our Facebook Page 

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