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Durban Ricksha 1959
Durban Ricksha 1959

Durban In The Old Days

We take a nostalgic journey through the streets and views of Durban in the old days... proper old skool!

The skyline and views of one of South Africa's most celebrated and vibrant cities and not to mention my hometown have changed dramatically over the decades,.We take a journey through time to see what Durban in the old days looked like back then with a few pics dating back to the 1900's all the way through to the late 1980's. It's quite interesting to see places that you may have frequented completely unaware of what existed there before.Enjoy the journey, if you have any comments or more info on a particular photo, please mention the picture number (below the picture) if so it can be added as a caption if need be, will be great to learn more about the specific locations and stories behind them.Also if you would like to submit any pics to the gallery , then please do so as it will be great to keep the gallery growing.Please feel free to submit them via the Contact link, (photo credits will happily be given where available)For more amazing pics of Durban in the old days, check out the Facebook Page: Who Remembers the old Durban they have an unbelievable amount of awesome nostalgic pics from back in the day.Btw, did you see the unbelievably awesome video, ENTER DURBAN that exploded on the internet last week?
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[Source: Who Remembers the old Durban, Attie Stone]

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