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Durban Surfer Harassed By Power Tripping “Lifeguards”

Check out this Durban Surfer being harassed by "Lifeguards" who seem to think they can over use their authorita... not to mention leisure time on the job...

Listen out for the typical race card when the lifeguard feels he's losing the argument... shame 🙂

Now wouldn't you say that was misuse of the jetski since, what if another lifeguard spotted someone in trouble but couldn't get out to that person quick enough because his chommie was doing some kiff donuts in the water?... although, seeing the amount of "lifesaving" that goes on with these okes I'd say if there was a third lifeguard, he's likely to be fast asleep, chatting to the cherries or enjoying a bit of a body surf himself...

In the end, haven't these oke's got more important things to do than getting their speedos in a twist over stupid things like this like... saving lives?

If anyone knows what happened in the end, tjoon it in the comments below...

Mature comments please 🙂

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