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Ever wonder what OTHER people search for on Google?

Its not a mystery what people search for on Google anymore 🙂

During my morning session of being a London Public Transport Peasant, I had my train angle sorted (that way you stand when trying to read your book/paper over and under people in a crowded train… whilst also banging the tunes on your iPod of course) and was browsing through what the good people at the Metro had conjured up for me and my fellow LPTP’s for the morning, I noticed something quite odd yet somewhat interesting, so I decided to give it a go when I got to the office.Meet Mystery Google, the way this works is that you type in what you want to search for into the Google seach, but instead of providing you with the results of your search, it provides you with the results and search phrase that the person before you used, now to some this may be completely useless, however it does give you an idea of just what the hell some people search for on Google…. Trust me, you’ll probably find some pretty disturbing stuff haha 🙂Check it out here

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