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Facebook App ‘Farmville’ said to be bigger than Twitter

Would you believe it, a app is said to be bigger than . If you don't know what is, or haven't at least seen the name, then clearly you are not on . Not a day goes by where you don't see something posted on your Home page where it says something about what a friend has achieved or what stray black sheep they found wandering around their farm.

Farmville is a Facebook application developed by Zynga, which is a seperate company to Facebook, it allows you to start a small virtual farm where you plough land and make it ready for seeding, then once whatever you've grown is ready, you then harvest it and earn Farmville coins to buy more stuff to grow. You can also farm animals and entertain yourself with just about anything that is related to farming. You do this day in day out until you find yourself with a "plantation" after a few weeks of being glued to the app neglecting everything else on Facebook, it is rather addictive to say the least… trust me, I know 🙂

Unfortunately eventually you do get a bit tired of ploughing, seeding and then harvesting each and every block of your 24×24 block farm that the novelty wears off a bit until you start letting your boredom flourish into more creative things like this…

SA Flag Farmville

And thats more or less where my Farmville experience ended… 🙂

Now as you can imagine, this little addictive game has quite a lot of active monthly users… around 69 million to be exact.

If you have logged onto Facebook in the last 24hrs, you would have noticed a message from the main man himself, Mark Zuckerberg announcing that Facebook now has 350 million users. As you can see Farmville alone has attracted a huge chunk of that, pretty much around a fifth of everyone on Facebook is playing Farmville on a monthly basis.

Now the thing is, Facebook don't mind releasing their statistics, whereas Twitter do mind a bit and you'll see why. It is said that Facebook serves 200 billion page views per month and here's an interesting one, 1.6 billion messages are exchanged on Facebook chat on a daily basis. I think its safe to say that Facebook is heading for world domination 🙂 Twitter on the other hand do not release the amount of users they have onboard however they do release their monthly active user stats, and with all the hype about Twiiter you'd expect the following figure to be a little more than it is, 18.9 million monthly active users.

In other words, that innocent; time wasting; ridiculous yet  addictive Farmville application alone, is more than three times bigger than an entire social networking platform that is said to be Facebooks biggest rival, well all I can say is that it seems the guys at Zynga are doing something right.

Anyway, you can return to your farms now…



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