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FaceBook now encourages you to “reconnect” with friends that have passed away.

Weekend changes on labelled a fail

Just this last weekend when you logged on to FaceBook you may have noticed a few changes, one in particular is new the top right side where it encourages you to “reconnect” with friends that you may have not contacted on FaceBook for some time. However what the people at FaceBook failed to realise was this may upset some users in the sense that it may bring up friends that have passed away and obviously not had contact with since although their profiles will still be active.

If someone passes away most people won’t delete them from their friends list for memorial purposes however this is what has caused the new feature to backfire somewhat. Apparently over 900 000 users have complained and would like the new feature removed unless FaceBook can find a way of excluding friends that may have passed away. This exact problem happened to The Phreak on Sunday night where it suggested a friend of ours that passed away earlier this year. Within hours of the changes going live, many people were Tweeting on regarding the changes as “a bit messed up”. Users have also said that this is also bringing up ex husbands and wives, although in my own opinion, unless you’ve both got over it and all is cool, why would you have you ex husband or wife on FaceBook, thats just begging for shit 🙂

It is said that FaceBook are currently investigating the situation.


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