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Fenton The Dog… You Will Not Be Able To Stop Laughing At This

Fenton the dog, causes absolute mayhem with a herd of deer in Richmond Park, London... you have to see this!

A few days ago, a guy and his dog, Fenton a black labrador were taking a stroll through Richmond Park in London. As you may have seen for yourself from time to time, there are quite a few deer that enjoy a pretty quaint life in the park... Well, that was until they met our now famous mut, Fenton. 

Within moments a quiet peaceful day turns into an absolute dog show of chaotic madness where even Fenton's owner seems to completely lose his marbles joining in the frenzy as a crazed delusional maniac

Take a look at this video, I don't know why but I keep completely pissing myself laughing everytime I think of it, honestly, it's weird, but its effing hilarious!

Oke goes bos hey hahhaa 🙂

The video has since gone viral and racked up over 1.5 million views so far, nice work 🙂

There was some initial confusion over his name as many thought it was Benton, however it is in fact Fenton

Good job Fenton, you even managed to stop traffic... possibly the most exciting day in Richmond Park this century 🙂

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