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Filling In Your Income Tax Return… LIKE A BOSS!

When filling out your Income Tax Return, 99.999999% of people would mark "None" in the No. Of Dependants box if you don't have kids, however one guy by the name of Alan from a town called Evesham, answered the question, well... quite honestly really...

This pic has been doing the rounds on Facebook for the past two days and it's actually quite amusing yet, quite brutally honest... to be honest. Not much is known about the origin of the pic since even Googling it didn't help much, but what we are sure of is that the author's name is Alan and he comes from a little town in the English midlands called Evesham, which is a very familiar place for me personally since I spent my first two years in the UK living there... trust me, it ain't a big town at all, it's only got one late night jol, good old, Mazza's, which is now known as Innuendo the last time I checked. ahhh the Ol' Sham, some good memories. Funny enough many Saffa's will know the place well because of a food packaging company called Kane's Food where many Saffa's did their two year visa stints... paying their taxes along and making a contribution of course...Check how Alan filled out his Income Tax Return...
2.1 Million Illegal Immigrants, 1.1 Million Crackheads, 4.4 Million Unemployable Jeremy Kyle Scroungers, 900,000 Criminals in over 85 Prisons, plus 650 idiots in Parliament and the whole of the European Commission...
I say give that man a Bell's! Because that is hilarious, you can't blame the oke for saying it like it is though, since in all honesty, it is quite true at the end of the day, maybe minus the last two to be factual.The person processing the return must have had a right chuckle at that... I know I certainly would have 🙂Gotta love his thinking though... who did he miss out haha 🙂Cheers to you Alan, saying it like it is! That gets LIKE A BOSS status any day of the week!If you know Alan, get him to email me through the contact link above, thanks

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