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Fork-Lift Driver Brings Down The House

A Russian Fork-lift driver loses control and crashes into shelving and brings down the entire warehouse... hectic FAIL!

An accident occured in a booze warehouse in Moscow which stocked bottles of Vodka and Cognac last week.

As you will see, a fork-lift driver attempts to manoevre his fork-lift, however it appears he somehow loses control while in reverse and shunts backwards colliding into the corner of a heavy duty shelving rack. Within seconds the entire warehouse comes crashing down like a house of cards.

Luckliy the driver managed to be dug out of the carnage with only minor leg injuries, however I reckon for the rest of this oke's life he is going to start any drinking game with an automatic spillage penalty for crimes of mass destruction on poor innocent bottles of Vodka.

Apparently the damages amounted to £60 000, I bet thats his bonus out the door or should I say on the floor for that matter.

Check the Warehouse CCTV footage below...  EPIC FAIL! 🙂


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