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Fun things to do with your girlfriend :)

Here's some tips on fun and amusing things to do with your girlfriend at home when you're bored 🙂

This one takes the cake literally...haha 🙂 Apparently this is the guys revenge for getting his girlfriend for hitting him over the head with a tray and slapping it on YouTube.... OWNAGE! 🙂

Here's another great one, I keep telling The Jen that I have to try it sometime... you should see the stare... it would even make the Grim Reaper nervous 🙂

Ok this is break up material, not recommended... only do this if you are no longer happy in your relationship and you wanna go out in a blaze and glory! 🙂

The Jen should be glad I'm the smoker and not her... although the dude fails when he throws the bucket at her... EISH!


And last but not least... How to wake up your girlfriend 🙂

Disclaimer: Please note that I take no responsibility for the harm that may be caused to you in the event that your girlfriend bites back...HARD! 🙂

The Jen would also just like to point out that if I do attempt any of these useful tips, there will be dire repocusions for me in the form of physical harm and pain....... we'll see haha 🙂

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