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Game Trolley Chick Fail [video]

chick tries to ride a Game trolley, becomes super girl for just a moment and then… BAM! :)

I saw this video when it came out a few months back but because I was slacking off a bit, it never made it onto PharSide

Although I was reminded of it the other day by my boi Savage and of course  Parys Potgieter's mates WatKykJy

This is hilarious… take a look see :)

One thing springs to mind… SRS Airbags :)

The video has done the rounds since it was realised, I mean, it's not everyday you see a cracker wipeout like that and piss herself laughing about …. kinda reminds me of a similar incident that involved, me, Huncle, a trolley, my chin and the pavement… I'll forever be reminded of it because I now have a bald patch under my chin because of it… Top Tip: Never climb into a trolley and be hammer thrown down the road by a big mate after "a few" drinks… you cannot steer trolleys by leaning… you will fall out… it's inevitable :) 

I'm sure many of you Joburg clowns will know her, but for everyone else,  this dashing young blonde is none other than Lisa Davis who is pretty much a lot of things… Radio DJ, Model, Presenter (you might recognise her from H2O) entrepreneur, the list goes on and on. 

This is what she normally looks like :)

shoo shoo shoo shoo!… bit of a cracker ey :)

Funny enough I've actually met this dashing young lass…you see, once upon a time Lisa and her mate graced Wimbledon with their presence, unfortunately an incident occured at Ponana with her mate and some idiot that quickly fled the scene, they were obviously a bit distressed and guess who was in the area, surprise surprise :)… naturally I had a look to see what I could do to help the dolls out… So I managed to calm them down a bit and sent them safely on their way…. good deed for the day complete :)

Lisa, awesome vid! it's pretty obvious you found it as hilarious as we did… 10 points! :)

What's next? :)


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