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Get Him To The Cape!

I woke up on Sunday afternoon with a massive hangover... surprise surprise! Lying face down I reached over feeling around for my beloved iPhone to peek through one eye and see how far behind I was with the world... and thats when it all changed...

As I lay there straining to see through one eye that would only open 5% due to painful light bursting its way through the blinds, I noticed an email in my inbox from the SA Blog Awards which read "Congratulations, you are a candidate to receive an award at the annual SA Blog Awards function." This was an invitation and they were wanting to know if I could attend the awards in Cape Town. I lay there paused, letting the information that I'd read sink in, and this is when reality hit... to quote a line from Fight Club... "Please return your seat backs to their full upright and locked position". I thought to myself, this was now official, PharSide was up there about to claim pole position since only 1st and 2nd place winners receive invitations, could I let this grand opportunity pass me by, could I let go of all my efforts to get PharSide to where it was now and not be there to hear it's named called out, not being there at that moment to feel proud of what it had achieved... Reading about it just wouldn't be the same now would it. Now as with all my insane ideas I come up with lying in bed hungover, I decided to go big or stay at home, I went with the first option... I had to see this through, I wasn't what you would have called an "achiever" at school as I was somewhat distracted by the finer things in life, such as everything else but school, and it's not everyday that  the opportunity to receive an awesome award  such as this arises these days, so I thought of how badly I wanted to experience this... and well, I wanted it bad! Real bad! So I decided to do something nuts, and that meant flying to Cape Town for the weekend and take the crown! But first, a quick call to the Ballie's to inform them of what had just happened, and also just to make sure I wasn't clinically insane. The Ballie's tjooned, after all the time and hard work that's been put into PharSide, and all the efforts from all my readers who got PharSide to where it was now, it would be absolutely crazy not to attend... I totally agreed.

So after an absolutely manic Sunday and Monday trying to get things organised with many phone calls and a couple emails later, I present to you, "Marky Mark's Hectic RockStar weekend" which is ready on the launch pad waiting to commence count down.

Getting me to the party of course, will be none other than my personal favourite and South Africa's very own South African Airways, who will fly me direct to Cape Town from London Heathrow on Friday night and bring me directly back to London on Sunday after going out of their way to accommodate my very tight schedule, which receives a top notch recommendation from me as they are there when you need them most! I guess now would also be a good time to let you know that as a member of the Springbok Supporters Club UK you are entitled to at least a 20% discount on flights from London to South Africa on South African Airways... don't believe me? Have a look for yourself 🙂

Shacking me up for the night will be none other than the exquisite 5 Star Cape Royale Luxury Hotel and Residence which is situated very close and with easy access to the V&A Waterfront where the SA Blog Awards are being held, since due to this hectic weekend, I'm going to need all the luxury and pampering I can possibly experience whilst taking in the unbelievable panoramic views that the hotel has to offer. This also just happens to be Seth Rotherham of 2OceansVibe's primary Cape Town residence, so since you could say I'm now a Top SA Blogger, I may as well start getting a taste of Top SA Blogger Lifestyle 🙂 Not to mention, if Seth schmaaks it, you know you're definately in for a tasty treat. Speaking of tasty treats, one thing that has already got my mouth watering is the thought of enjoying a succulent South African steak at the 1800° Grill Room Restaurant which is situated at The Cape Royale.

pimping! 🙂

So London, don't miss me too much while I'm away, I guess it will be quiet as The Jen has informed me that she also cannot wait to enjoy her "very quiet" weekend at the PharSide HQ.  Remember its my birthday on Tuesday where we'll be having a massive party on Saturday at The Slug in Wimbledon, all welcome, so get on down and lets smash a few JagerBombs, there'll be awesome specials throughout the night so pull in and come party with me.

As you can imagine, I can barely contain myself and looking forward to taking the crown for Best Overseas South African Blog.

I would just like to extend a massive thank you to each an every single one of you, for putting up with me and my tjambok over the last few weeks to get those votes in and support, this is happening because of you and I am extremely grateful. Also a very special thanks to everyone that helped me out with my trip, you know who you are 🙂

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