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‘Giant’ Seagull Invades 9 News in Oz

Giant Seagull Invades the News on Aussie TV

Some of you may have seen this in the paper on the way home last night, but The Phreak and I just can't stop laughing whenever we see it, weird I know, but thats what makes us Phreaks 🙂Now you obviously seen the backdrop that they use on news bulletins where they'll usually use a video of the city that they are filming in to make it look like a window... yeah just incase you never knew that... its not a real window 🙂 Now this is normally a live feed to add realism such as the time of day if the sun is going down or whatever, so if a frickin seagull decides to take a stroll in front of the camera wherever it is mounted, the cheeky bugger is gonna be live on air everywhere... as with what happened when the news was on in Australia. The news reader had no idea but I bet he wondered why everyone in the studio was cracking up laughing.See the video below for the footage.

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