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Girl Farts Live on National TV… SA Idols 2010

It's not everyday that you get to go on national TV to audition for Idols South Africa, so the experience itself would probably be quite unforgettable for most people, however for one certain young lady, this experience is no doubt going to be completely unforgettable not only for herself, but for the rest of South Africa aswell... just because of a sneaky little fart...

I do feel quite sorry for this doll to say the least.... you get people going onto this show and purposely make absolute idiots out of themselves either by thinking they can actually sing or because they actually want the rest of the country to know that they are ridiculously lame, but here this poor girl goes on there to give it her best but unwillingly ambushes herself thanks to her nerves, by letting rip... and it wasn't just a nice little silent one that may have gone un-noticed, this was a one times banger fart, quite possibly the loudest fart I have ever had the displeasure of hearing from a woman... yes I'm one of those guys who still believes girls don't fart and they certainly don't shit either 🙂

Check out the video below...

Priceless 🙂

I guess we've all had our embarrassing moments... some worse than others... but I guess this takes the cake 🙂

Shame 🙂 I'm sure it will all "blow" over for her soon enough 🙂

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