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Girl Has Stomach Removed After Drinking A Cocktail… made with Liquid Nitrogen

Gaby Scanlon and 18 year old girl from Heysham, Lancashire had to have her stomach removed in an emergency operation last Thursday caused by a cocktail containing liquid Nitrogen…

Those of you that picked up a copy of the Evening Standard on your mission home yesterday may have spotted this, but last Thursday, a girl by the name Gaby Scanlon was celebrating her 18th Birthday at Oscar’s Wine Bar in Lancaster last Thursday. Apparently she had a cocktail which is known as a Pornstar Martini, however the added touch to this cocktail is something called Liquid Nitrogen. You know that stuff that doctors used to burn off warts when we were kids, that came in a metal container with hectic warning labels all over it… yes that stuff, somebody thought it would be a good idea to add it to a cocktail to give it a smokey effect. Now considering you know what it does to your warts would you drink it? I certainly wouldn’t hope so, remember Alcohol doesn’t freeze like water, if you want to test this, put a bottle of Vodka and a bottle of water in the freezer and see which freezes first. now its probably not the whole reason but I’m it helps the process by keeping things extremely cold without freezing.

At around 11pm that evening Gaby became breathless and complained of severe stomach pain, after been taken to hospital doctors operated on her immediately after finding that she had a perforated stomach, in other words, it burnt a hole through her stomach… no surprise there really since you know what the stuff does when it comes into contact with your skin. Having a perforated gut along can and most likely will kill you as once the acid and bacteria gets through your stomach lining into the rest of your body there’s not much chance of survival unfortunately. In this case they had to remove her whole stomach, which I can’t imagine is going to make her life very easy going ahead.

I guess it goes to show, there’s a reason for those warning labels and what seems like a cool little party trick, was a major accident just waiting to happen… says me who’s party trick is too light Sambuca in my mouth, although its something that does take a level of caution and skill cause it can go horribly wrong if you don’t do something as simple as drying your lips.

An investigation is underway into what happened and Oscar’s has not ceased making any cocktails containing liquid nitrogen and the bar is said to be quite concerned about Gaby over the incident.

Gaby Scanlon

Hectic stuff… you check, it may look schweet but… not for human consumption….

Talk about a lethal cocktail… met EISH ja! :)

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