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Give That Man A Bells Whiskey…The Reader

Someone please give the entire team that came up with this powerful new Bells Whiskey advert a Bells...

Its been said that this South African Bells Whiskey advert will kick most Superbowl Adverts into touch.You'll have to see for yourself why... but get ready to feel that lump in your throat and I can guarantee most girls will be going "awwww!" at this one...Now thats an awesome ad!You know what the sad thing is though, is there is a whole lot of truth to that advert... something you may take for granted each and every day... there are thousands upon thousands of people in South Africa who do not have the ability to read and right... the key to ending poverty in South Africa and pretty much ever other issue is of course... education...  just think about that for a few mins...  

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