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Good-Bye Louis Botha, Hello King Shaka

On the 30th April flights from Louis Botha airport in Durban waved good-bye for the very last time because on the 1st May those returning flights were landing at the snazzy new addition to Durban, King Shaka International Airport... yes thats right, apparently the runway is now long enough for a 747 to land, which means, direct flights from London without a pit stop in Joburg when all you want to do is get to Durban and get some beach sand in your crack...

The airport is situated near La Mercy which is north of Durban, just a short drive passed Umhlanga

Check out these schweet panoramic pics of the new King Shaka International Airport...

It does make me wonder how many muppets rocked up at Louis Botha airport on the 1st May only to find out they were at the wrong airport... I bet you saw some low flying on the N2 northbound on that day 🙂

Shame 🙂

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