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Happy 1st Birthday PharSide.co.uk!

PharSide.co.uk turns one year old today!

That's right… Today is one whole year since the first post went up since PharSide.co.uk became a fine ass blog.

It's be an unbelievably fantastic year for PharSide, thatnks to all of you awesome people, PharSide has grown from a tiny little amoeba to a major force to be reckoned with!

Although I haven't had much time to organise a massive birthday party due to everything else going on right now, but consider this as a personal invite from me to you to come down to The Slug in Wimbledon this evening for a few quiet lemonades to celebrate the milestone! 

Here's a HUGE Thanks to all of your for the MASSIVE support over the last year! It's be phenominal! 🙂 

So where to now I hear you ask….

To the end and beyond Captain!!!

See you down at The Slug! Lets let loose! WOOT! WOOT! 🙂


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