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Happy Freedom Day South Africa!

It’s the 27th April and I would just like to wish you all a very Happy Freedom Day!

South African’s around the world are celebrating Freedom Day, the day that the chains of apartheid were officially broken for all South Africans. It’s the day that 17 years ago, each and every South African regardless of colour exercised their right to vote in a free and fair democratic election.

It is the day that we should feel proud to be who we are, from a dark era of racial division, we put aside our differences and let democracy lead the way. In one form or another we were all freed from the clutches of apartheid, be it free to live in a free society or be it free from the sanctions placed upon us by the rest of the world due to apartheid. It was a day that we showed the world that we were serious about change and change did happen.

Although the road since then has not been an easy one as we all know very well, many are still shouting for change when the winds of change already passed 17 years ago, the winds of change already blew down those walls a long time ago. These should be a times of restructuring, building and fortifying. One man had the insight of building the nation... unfortunately he got too old and his younger team of builders have spent a lot of time throwing stones at the other builders chasing many away, and also impeded the work of the builders that have stayed. I believe it is time for company restructuring, retrenching builders that don't build or only build their own house and not the castle, a time to clean up the stones that have been thrown so that better builders can build, and build in a better environment.  

Let this day remind ourselves who we are and what we set out to achieve after being given our Freedom!

Check out this cartoon from the legend that is Zapiro which was published in the Mail and Guardian on this day 17 years ago...

Don’t forget Freedom Day at The Slug in Wimbledon this Saturday! It’s gonna be AWESOME! Click here for details!

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