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Jennifer Love Hewitt

Have you “Vagazzled” your “Vajayjay” today?

Jennifer Love Hewitt was recently interviewed on Lopez Tonight and revealed something that has completely changed my "Little Sweet Princess" perception of her… RESPECT!

This is a little something my main man Nash shared a few words about a few days ago that I just could not resist giving my 2 cents about it.

I'd say by now you've seen a porno or two in the few years you've been on this planet, and for those who haven't… well you're either just weird, not normal, too young and should probably get the hell off my blog and climb back under your rock from whence you came you sad sad person :) You may have noticed back in the 70's or so, bush was in and these days the exact opposite is quite the norm where in some cases the only acceptable form :) and now here comes Jennifer Love Hewitt, the itty bitty little princess who you'd think would giggle and blush at the slightest mention of anything remotely erotic, and drops a bomb completely blowing the competition out of the water by setting a new standard in female presentation…


my my, I'm strangely aroused haha :)

I'll give you a moment to pick your jaw up off the table…

Forget diamond rings and jewellery boys, soon your doll is gonna want a dashing new set of Swarovski crystals for her birthday because seriously, if celebs such as JLH start vagazzling their vajayjays, you know that shit is gonna catch on… 

Well I don't know about you, but I'm patiently waiting… "tick tock" :)

Oh and just one more thing guys…

Don't bother Googling that shit , I already tried haha :) Out of pure curiosity of course :)

What do you think of Vagazzling? comments please :)

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