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Having Problems Opening PharSide at work?

I've had quite a lot of people emailing to tell me that PharSide tends to freeze up when they visit it from their work PC's... Well here's why... 

So you're sitting at work and the first thing you wanna do when you've got in is, well check whats happening on your favourite blog ofcourse... You type www.pharside.co.uk into your browser with increasing excitement as you type each letter in a complete frenzy, slamming down on the Enter key virtually putting a hole through your keyboard. Your heart starts pulsating as the page in all its awesomeness starts to load... but then... it stops... your pulse starts racing in complete panic with sweat dripping down your face because you just can't wait. You start slapping the side of the screen like a crazed chimpanzee but still nothing... and from that point on, your day is completely ruined...

Well, I'm a nice guy and the mental stability of my readers is a major concern to me, so I got my Sherlock Holmes hat and my magnifying glass heading straight into the code that one PharSider managed to salvage before throwing his computer out his 9th story window. Well my little treasures, I have found the problem. 

It's quite simple really... You've probably noticed that you can't access FaceBook from work either (the bastards!) and you're probably using the bog standard Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 on your work PC.... If you fit this description then this is where you are doing it wrong... Now I know you can't help the FaceBook problem, but you sure as hell can help the Internet Explorer problem... you see, it would appear that when Internet Explorer 7 loads a page and tries to load content that is blocked, it is too stupid to know what to do so it just stops and tjoons, Haaibo! Ungaas!?! Now the FaceBook content that it is trying to load is the useful "Recent Activity" section on the right and side column and the Fan Box at the bottom of the page. 

The the way to get around this is to tjoon your IT dude that you can't use Internet Explorer because its a load of shit (trust me, 99% of the time he will totally agree... and think he's found a new lifelong friend) and you would much rather prefer using FireFox or Google Chrome since these are far superior web browsers that know what to do when they encounter blocked content, which is quite simply, skip it and load the rest of the blerrie page.

Personally I'd recommend that you always use Google Chrome, why? because I use it and it's awesome! However Firefox is pretty much on par and has more compatibility with things like your Internet Banking and stuff (mind you, a lot safer to use for this purpose than Internet Explorer)

I'm not sure how the page behaves with Internet Explorer 8 but if it gives you hassles... you know what to do.

Of course if you are reading this then you don't have the problem but might have it when you're at work so at least you're then armed with vital information in order to continue getting your daily dose of PharSide 🙂

Click the relevant image below to get what all the cool kids have got these days....

 Get Google Chrome!

Get Mozilla FireFox!

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