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Hectic Rally Accident… Car rolls 12 Times Off A Cliff… Okes Survive… [video]

This is probably one of the most hectic rally accidents you would have seen and would see in a very long time... its astounding that these guys actually survived!

I spotted this on my boi Savage's blog the other day and thought its definitely worthy of a posting on PharSide...We've all seen the insane speed that rally drivers cruise at on everything but a tar road most of the time, coupled with nerves that appear to be made of adamantium (think Wolverine, X-Men) rally drivers have to make milli second judgements however as you'll see, Jeremy Foley and his co-driver Yuri Kouznetsov didn't quite judge a turn correctly at the Pikes Peak International in Colorado... and it just so happened that there was a pretty long steep rocky drop on the other side...ja that Mitsubishi Evo is pretty much in its chops now...Luckily and quite surprisingly, the two guys were air lifted to safety and treated for minor injuries... it does flipping tell you something about the safety aspect of these cars... in the words of Bert Le Clos... UNBELIEVABLE! 🙂Bet those okes needed a couple Granpa's after that... EISH!

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