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This Is What You Should Do When You Encounter Racism On Social Media

Over the last few days racial stone throwing on social media in South Africa is reaching levels of massive instability, but what do you do when you encounter acidic hate speech and racism?

Racial hatred has reached levels of epic proportions on social media platforms in South Africa over the past few days. Regardless of whether you log on to Facebook or Twitter, you will no doubt be met with some form of racial stone throwing and otherwise head shaking, WTF  headache inducing "noise" as I like to put it. Without needing to get into details as I'm sure everybody is well aware of recent events and noticed full well how one bit of racism from one side as if like clockwork, sparks racism from another side of the race spectrum and the divide continues. Friendships are brought into disrepute over arguments and its all just becomes a very f*cked up mess to be honest.So just what are you supposed to do when you encounter racial hate speech on social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter?Now just in case you're wondering, taking a screenshot and re-posting that screenshot, or sharing another screenshot on your own profile together with your own kakpraat comment for all your little maaitjies to see, add their own comments, and ultimately spark more racial slurs, is NOT what you should do, and you'll potentially be responsible for getting your mates in a lot of kak too because of it.Yes people get quite emotional when they see such things and feel a great urge to vent, but posting stuff on your Facebook wall is not going to help the situation one bit, in fact, I'm sure you can see its as clear as day that it has the absolute opposite effect, all it does is feeds the monster and prolongs the disease, creating a million other cases that cause a saturation effect and dilute the cases of the original offenders also quite literally overwhelming those who are able to do something about it, which basically makes it take a lot longer to deal with the root cause of the issue, which risks it being eventually lost in the pile altogether.The South African Human Rights Commission has come forward and said that they will be investigating every single case reported to them since just like you, racism is a massive no no to them, and from what I've seen, they are a passionate bunch of people that are very passionate about their cause...they wouldn't be called a Human Rights Commission if they weren't now would they?SAHRC head of advocacy and communications, Dieketseng Diale told News24 "It is very crucial for us to investigate these allegations and complaints. And we will keep doing so until we see South Africa as the country it should be. A united country where people respected one another. We will continue to advocate for the people of South Africa, regardless of race,"They have stated however that regardless of how much kak you see on Facebook and Twitter, they cannot investigate any issue unless it has been formally reported to them, basically saying, they cannot go out there looking for kak, kak needs to come looking for them, so you need to take it to them and make a formal complaint.So follow this link to the South African Human Rights Commission website to lodge a formal complaint if you encounter racism or hate speech.There is a form to fill out, racism is a serious thing and may have serious consequences, so a level of seriousness needs to be followed, so time to put your adult pants on.There are contact details for you to contact them if you need to follow anything up, however, remember if everyone is overwhelming them taking up their time looking for updates then that is going to eat into their time and resources in investigating the issue. So cut them some slack and only request updates from them if you really need to.I'd go as far as to say that any time you see a mate re-posting racial nonsense on Facebook, then just post the link to this article in their comments in order to educate them and hopefully save them landing up being investigated in the event that someone reports them if there are grounds to do so.Oh, and in case you're wondering, as with #PennySparrow and co, screenshots from posts by Velaphi Khumalo are very much on the radar of the SAHRC and investigations are well underway with him...

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