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Hilarious Fight Between A Drunk Russian, Bouncers, Bystanders and… A Dolphin

Check out this fight recorded at a Russian aquarium between a drunk oke, a troop of useless bouncers, some "peacemaking turned action hero" bystanders and of course a dolphin...

I saw this today on my boi Savage's blog, and oh dear, by the end of it my boxers were a little moist with a slight scent of pee thanks to me laughing so much at what one could only describe as a bit of a circus...

It was a peaceful family outing one day down at an aquarium in Russia, people had their camera's out filming a dolphin show, however some drunk oke (yes this is not uncommon in Russia) decided to be a bit of a clown and jump in the pool with the dolphin. The staff naturally got a bit upset and eventually managed to coax the dude out the pool whilst another member of staff stomped off to call the kerels. Moments later, "The Gestapo" arrive to remove our wodka infused friend, and thats when things take a bit of a tumble.

The next minute fists are being thrown all over the place, but you'd think that the "heavies" would have easily held the fort, nought bru, notice how its the bouncers that keep landing up in the pool... HILARIOUS! Check how the one bystander pulls in, shirt off ready for action... "My Name Iz Dolf Lungren!"  haha 🙂

Have a look... priceless! Count how many times these clowns land up in the pool haha 😛

Too funny 🙂

Would have been brilliant if the dolphin kept popping the okes out of the water thinking its all part of the show

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