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Hitchin a ride… SA Style

Man spotted clinging to the back of a truck down the N1 in Cape Town

You've got to laugh at the stupidity of this Evil Knievel wannabe, this dude was spotted clinging to the back of a truck going down the N1 in Cape Town on Monday morning. Not much more I can say that the pictures wont, so here they are... enjoy 🙂

Look up ahead, its a bird, its a plane... nought bru, its a dude on the back of a truck

Lets get a closer look...

Don't look now, but you've got some badass kerels on your ass... try blend in by not looking back, maybe they won't see you...

Oh dear.... I reckon his banging his head on the back of that truck for this..bang! bang! bang!.. off to chookie!

I mean come on... did he think he wouldn't get noticed... maybe he only thought from the front..

Only in SA 🙂

[Thanks Rose and The Phreak]

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