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Hooters Girls in Umhlanga…. Take Note

Check out this Hooters Girl showing off her little talent... and ohhhh what a nice little talent it is... The Hooters Girl Barstool Beer Trick

We all know Hooters Girls as standard, are pretty damn hot. Those cheeky little orange shorts and tight little white tank tops... EISH! Not exactly the place that you take a doll for a dop after a first date dinner, because you will fail, that's pretty much guaranteed! Now if you've been down to Hooters in Umhlanga, Durban you'll have had first hand experience of what I'm talking about. Was pretty sensational last time I was there 🙂

Now if the hotness of these little minxes wasn't enough, here's a Hooters Girl in the States that has a remarkable little talent... I think the Hooters Girls in Umhlanga should give it a try sometime... btw, I'll be over in April just in case you need a judge in any "Hooters Girl Barstool Beer Trick Compo's" that you may wish to have 🙂   

Boys, check this out... Girls grab a barstool, a jug of beer, a pint glass and start taking notes 🙂

Ja....You watched it at least twice maybe three times didn't you? 

Every time I think of the word "Hooters", I think of, in my opinion, the most hilarious comedian on the planet... Pablo Francisco...

Here's why 🙂

Ja, me and Pablo go way back 🙂 check out the review of his last visit to London

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