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Hopefully Your Valentines Day Went Better Than This [video]

Public wedding proposals on Valentines Day may not always be the best idea…

Valentines Day is a day when a lot of okes do the getting down on one knee and propose to their respective partners, but when it comes to doing this very publically, like onstage at a comedy show, like when you’re the comedian, it may not always be the best idea, especially when it's not right at the end of your set…unless of cause you know full well it’s a done deal...Unfortunately for comedian Tim Young… this probably isn’t how he intended his plan to unfold during his stand-up gig at the Riot Act Theatre in Washington DC.Sorry, Tim…Shame…poor bugger.For many, that is certainly one Valentines Day he’s probably never going to forget…
[H/T My City By Night]

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