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How Not To Find Your Mobile Phone…

Dude goes searching for his cellphone in a drain and gets a little stuck...

So you walking home one night after a good jol and you come across this... whats the very first thing you're gonna do?...
well take a damn pic of course!

Unfortunately when Jared Medeiros from California was walking to a friend house one night he was jumped by four okes who gave him a bit of a beating. As they left they took his phoneand through it down the drain. However Jared's bad luck didn't quite stop there.

He attempted to retrieve his phone by removing the manhole cover and climb into the drain head first... well as you guessed, he got a bit stuck and it was a whole 40 minutes of him screaming like a banshee before anyone noticed and came to his rescue. The girl who was pissing herself laughing at the situation managed to call the fire department to retrieve Jared and his phone.

Jared is still a bit upset though as he's quoted as saying:
‘I don’t understand why they would sit and take pictures. That kind of pisses me off.’ 

Don't worry Jared, we all understand why, cause it looked damn funny 🙂

What would have really made for a great pic is if some dog decided to start humping his leg at the same time haha 🙂

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