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How the Aussies Dump Their Girlfriends :)

Here's an example of one creative Aussie breakup

Some of you London Public Transport Peasants may have read about this in the Metro last week, here are the pics to go with that story. To fill you in, some creative Australian wanted to be far from conventional about breaking up with his bird. Unfortunately, it is not known who Jennifer is or what she did to deserve this, but apparently it has become the talk of the town in New South Wales, Australia. It seems her now Ex, stuck posters to lamp posts on a very busy road one night, so that the next morning all the passers-by including Jennifer ofcourse, which I’m sure The Ex was hoping, would see the signs, I bet you a million bucks, the following must have gone through every female's mind that passed by that morning…. “awwww that’s so sweet…..WTF!!!!!!” haha 🙂 Have a look….. enjoy! 🙂 image006 image007 image008 image009 image010 I swear it wasn’t me!… haha 🙂

[Thanks to The Phreak]

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