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I Don’t Think Bono Is A Poes

There's been a huge amount of comments flying around regarding Bono "supporting" Kill The Boer and "supporting Julius Malema since Sunday morning... but here's why I don't think U2's Bono is a poes.... anymore...

It was midday Sunday and the since SA is two hours ahead of the UK, the tsunami of Sunday morning headlines were continuing their journey out of South Africa and spreading across the globe. One very interesting topic of course was the headlines of U2 frontman, Bono's "comments" regarding Julius Malema's number one shower time classic, Kill The Boer.

If you've just got out of solitary confinement or live in Egypt where they had no internet for a little while, let me just bring you up to speed...

In a nutshell, The Sunday Times headlines and accompanying article on Sunday arguably made suggestions that Bono supported "Kill The Boer" and pretty much Julius Malema aswell...

My immediate feelings towards Bono after reading this were quite, to be euphemistic, pretty fucked up. I immediately lost all respect that I had for the man in about two seconds flat. Now I'm sure by now you've expressed your own utmost feelings on the matter...we all know Steve Hofmeyer did 🙂 and I was quite armed and ready to express those feelings in black and white on PharSide, but something told me to sit tight and see what happens next, I guess as we all know too well... you can't always believe what you read in the papers... at first glance 🙂 Because right now I could be sitting here feeling a bit silly... just like ol' Steve and The Sunday Times to name a couple.

I few things I've thought of between now and then is this.... Bono is up for a Nobel Peace Prize, I'm sure he pretty much wants it, so would we honestly think he'd be stupid enough to remotely jeopardize this by supporting something that has its own icky moat of controversy surrounding it. Would someone who has a lot more to do with human rights than you and I aswell as being quite experienced in public relations so easily drop himself like that... I guess it is possible as we all do slip up from time to time with whatever, but for a topic that he already knew about, you'd think he'd tread a lot more carefully...

This evening I read a VERY well put together article by my boys over at The Daily Maverick, which pretty much hit the nail on the head with this whole saga...

It's since emerged that this entire saga has been a bit of a "play on words" by The Sunday Times for clearly one reason as you can imagine... to sell as many newspapers as possible... I give them 10 points for effort. You see, the reason why I said arguably earlier, is the fact that the headlines and the article content were sewed nicely together to indicate that Bono supported Kill The Boer, however Sunday Times Editor Ray Hartley is quoted as saying to Eye Witness News that, the body of the story made it clear Bono did not endorse Malema and the matter was “a storm in a teacup.” I guess thats the same as saying, "Free Aston Martin with your copy of The Sunday Times this Sunday" only to read inside the paper that you have to pay for the Aston Martin...

On Sunday evening as nearly 100 000 people ROCKED to U2 at Soccer City and the headlines were spreading like wildfire across the globe, other journalists who were in the same room as The Sunday Times journalist, Buddy Naidu, started to speak out against what had been reported... They were all part of a five journo dinner party that were invited for chow with the band you see (nice mate ol' Buddy hey?).

The winning paragraph from the Daily Maverick article which reported what a music journalist by the name of Evan Milton (attendee) said was this

“When I first read the headline and the article on TimesLIVE, I observed with a wry smile it was a headline designed to make more people click. It was patently untrue, because Bono did not support the song. I then observed with a wry smile Buddy’s quotes were all accurate and carefully recorded, but it is the headline and the parts that link his quotes that are misconstrued.”

I guess that puts things right into perspective, I highly recommend that you read The Daily Maverick Article for the full run down, it quite interesting to say the least. Intelligent reading by a good bunch of level headed guys.

Two things I can say is, it seems The Sunday Times were possibly hoping for their own Sunday Bloody Sunday, and Buddy is probably gonna checking for a nudda fuggin job ekse 🙂 

 My respect for Bono is restored and I think he's a cool guy, he does a lot more for the world than the average joe but I guess this is just another lesson that we need to read into things a little while longer before completely flying off at a tangent... Newspapers wanna sell papers dammit! There's starving reporters out there 🙂

The original headline link, notice the tone down of the heading thats changed since sunday, albiet still part of the link... http://www.timeslive.co.za/local/article910725.ece/Bono-backs-Malemas-shoot-the-boer-song

This was Soccer City on Sunday... enjoy... brings back a lot of memories of when I saw their 360 show live at Wembley not so long ago

(Thanks to the person who filmed this)

***UPDATE*** Bono was interviewed on 702 this morning... listen to the podcast here, in his own words 🙂

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