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I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here… Chilean Miner Style


As you are probably well aware, the Chilean Miners were brought back up to earth one by one last week.. if not then geeez have you been stuck down a mine shaft or something? 

They may not have thought it at the time, but being stuck down in that mine was the best thing that ever happened to those miners. If you were like me I was glued to the TV last week as I watched each Chilean miner being lifted from deep beneath the earth every half an hour or so. I was literally glued to the TV until 2am just because I had to see the last guy make it out. Each time a miner emerged it was just as good as the last where it strangely enough didn’t get at all boring watching the same thing 33 times. While we watched as each miner popped out of a hole, this was more of a case of each miner stepping out straight into the limelight. 69 days ago each miner was a nobody, only known to their families and friends; today they are the most wanted people by the media. There have been offers of $20 000 for a single interview. Victor Segovia who kept a diary during his days “down under” has been offered $100 000 for exclusive rights to print it. They do appear to be carrying on the team spirit since they have agreed and signed a contract that any money made, is shared amongst all 33.

Now in case you hadn’t noticed, the entire ordeal has turned into a bit of a PR circus. First we had the Chilean President on the case which fair enough he did the right thing, I wouldn't have expected anything less from any President, although as you can imagine, that right thing has done wonders for his re-election campaign. Big brands have dived into this thing with seemingly open arms, but then again, if you know the whole world is watching, what better time to get yourself noticed? Oakley donated those stylish sunnies that each miner wore on the way up. Sony donated PSP’s to kill time down there which is fair enough. Man United and Real Madrid have invited them to a game and a Chilean businessman has given $10 000 to each miner which is pretty good of the guy, but latest on the bandwagon is old Steve Jobs from Apple, who has donated an iPod to each miner which is also really nice of him, but one question I’d like to ask is this, wouldn’t that have been a lot more useful when they were still down there? I just hope he hasn’t been a cheapskate and given them all iPod Shuffles. The list just keeps on increasing and I'm sure they'll all pocket a bit more cash when the movie comes out... which funny enough was already being filmed when the first guys started being rescued. I reckon I’m going to make them honorary PharSide Crew members so I can also promote my brand 🙂 I'm sure the guys can see through it all, but shit, I certainly wouldn't be complaining 🙂

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