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Fucked Melbourne Train

In Oz a spade is a spade and the sheep are nervous :)

One thing is for certain, is that Aussies don't bugger around when they want to get a point across

You know, there always one thing I noticed about the aussies that I really enjoy, they say it like it is, no beating around the bush, the find the simplest most logical way of getting the point across where each and every person who could possibly read English could understand, and the have a bloody funny way of doing it which always causes a good laugh... For those who know my friend Rosco.. nuff said, he's a legend! Rosco himself is from Melbourne and would you believe it, so is this train 🙂

Saying it like it is....

Fucked Melbourne Train

Wouldn't you rather have a clear, simple honest explaination like this in the morning stuck on the underground with the rest of us London Public Transport Peasants... instead of the "This is a public announcement from the control room at Waterloo, We are currently experiencing delays on the Jubilee Line, this is due to a broken down train in the Canary Wharf Area, we apologise for the delay this will cause to your journey".... because half the time all you hear of these long announcements is.. "wah wah wah...wah wah wah". You don't need to tell me there's delays, I'm sure I've noticed the extra 2000 people jammed up on the platform waiting for a train this morning and secondly we all know you don't really give a shit so don't bother giving a recorded message that you do.

The above statement should read... "Now hear this!... The Jubilee Line is screwed as usual, yeah you're pretty fucked now but who gives a shit anyway... but we'll still charge you more every year for the pleasure" 🙂

[Thanks Andrew]

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