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Introducing PharSide’s Youngest Honorary Member… Mason Brown

I'd like to proudly introduce you to the youngest honorary member to Team PharSide... Ladies and gentlemen, please rise for the honorable baby Mason Brown... *APPLAUSE* 🙂

Wait for it.... AWWWWWW! 🙂

Step aside Anne Geddes... 🙂

Ain't he cute? Check him pimping out his dashing PharSide cap... the little legend!

Incase you're wondering, no, he's not mine, this is little Mason Brown and he belongs to some good friends of mine, Andy and Camilla Brown, two very proud parents I may add. He is just over a month old and as you can see he's already making headlines 🙂

About a month before he was born, Andy and Cam posted a little compo to see who could correctly predict the day he would be born, both The Phreak and I naturally went against the odds that even medical doctor's predicted, and chose the 20th December, since our ma also has her birthday on the same day... and guess what, we were right, weighing in at 3.91kg's, the boy held out and tjooned no ways he was coming out before the 20th, a baby with a plan 🙂

Huge congrats to Andy and Cam on the birth of their little legend in the making!

And here's something you don't see very often...

I'm one of those guys who hold babies as if I'm walking on egg shells... they just seem so tiny and fragile which scares the daylights out of me 🙂 ja ja... wait till I have my own, I know 🙂

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