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iPad 2 Is On Sale In South Africa Tomorrow!

The iPad2 is officially being released to the masses in South Africa tomorrow 29th April... so just one more day and all you lot in SA can be as cool as me

The release comes seven weeks after the initial US release and just over a month after the 25 March UK release. It might sound like a long time, but in case you hadn’t noticed, the original iPad hasn’t exactly been around in SA for very long after taking a year to wash up on South African shores finally arriving in January... I bet you people who folked out for the iPad  a couple months are just a little hacked off right now 🙂

One thing that has surprised me quite a bit is the pricing... the last time I checked, an iPhone 4 (16Gb) in SA would rape cost you around *cough!* R7400... whereas in the UK it would cost you £510 (R5630.40) directly from Apple... as you can see that quite a different... no surprise when you see the extortionate costs of internet usage in SA. However an iPad 2 (16Gb + 3G) will cost you a mere R5599... which is pretty close on the current UK price of £499 (R5508.96) for the same model. I guess it’s pretty obvious to see that someone is making a good whack on marking up iPhone 4’s...

But ja, if you are thinking of getting an iPad 2, then go for it. I’ve had mine since the UK release date where I virtually had to threaten a salesman with his family and pets lives in order to get hold of it, but I got it... lucky for him 🙂 Seriously though, it  took weeks for me to pick my laptop up again... it still gets used but only for the big jobs now. Remember an iPad is still not a full blown PC... but its close 🙂  As a Londoner, its use, especially on the train to and from the city everyday, has become a necessity for me... however as everyone pretty much drives in SA, I guess they would be more for home use. I will add though, that from a Blogger’s perspective they are a must have since many of the last blog posts you’ve read over the last couple weeks were all done from my iPad 2... sometimes even on my way to work... Also thanks to Google Maps and the GPS in the iPad 2, the Jen and I got around Cape Town without getting lost, bought our tickets for everything etc... Speaking of Cape Town, we were down at the V&A Waterfront, I popped into the Apple Store there and enquired about an SD Card Reader for my iPad 2... the “know it all geek” gave a little smirk and said that the iPad 2 wasn’t in SA yet... so I just had to... I took it out my bag... the dude almost had a little party in his pants 🙂 ...shame 🙂

Check below for the full set of prices for the iPad 2 in South Africa tomorrow

For more info  on where you can buy, check out www.core.co.za

I know my boy Burt is probably gonna be one of the first to get his mincy paws on one... he works for Apple in Joburg you see 🙂

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