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iPad HD / iPad 3 Apple Announcement

Today is the day! and ohhhhh have I been waiting for it as if it was Christmas... today Apple Announce the iPad HD / iPad 3!

I won't lie, like many Apple fans I'm sitting here giddy with excitement waiting in anticipation for the Apple Announcement later today, as the world awaits the arrival of the iPad 3 or iPad HD, (I guess we'll find out the official name later today) one thing is pretty certain is that Apple are going to announce a 3rd generation iPad with some pretty decent features if the rumours are anything to go by.

I guess the biggest and almost certain rumour is that the new iPad will feature the retina display found on the iPhone 4. Now if you upgraded from an iPhone 3GS you'll know exactly what I'm talking about, which is pretty much why most people have dubbed the new iPad as iPad HD.

Lets take a quick simple run through the list of rumours of what we could expect from the announcement, now bare in mind these are rumours and they'll stay that way until the announcement...


As discussed, IPad 3/HD will almost certainly have a retina display, rumours of this broke out when Apple sent out the invites to the event which kinda gave it away...see below...

Under the hood:

It's highly unlikely that the new iPad will have anything less than the new A6 processor, however the biggest question is whether it'll be quad core or not...

As for RAM, iPad 2 is packed with 512MB however if they are fitting the retina display then the RAM is bound to get juiced up a bit.


Its believed that the new iPad will be fitted with a new HD front facing camera to take advantage of Facetime in HD, something that I felt lacking on my iPad 2, you could never take a remotely decent pic with it if you didn't have an alternative camera on you...


Not that it would really make much difference here in the UK but obviously those in the US will enjoy 4G connectivity.


Siri is almost a given I guess since with the hardware upgrade it would be silly not to include it


Apparently rumour has it that the design will not change at all and it'll look virtually identical to an iPad 2, which to be honest, really isn't a bit deal personally since I love the shape and feel of my iPad 2, it's whats under the hood that I'm going for, although there are rumours that they are doing away with the home button.


There are very strong rumours that we'll be able to get our mincy paws on one with a release date around 16 March 2012... although this is probably the US release date, meaning UK will get it a couple days later... I was lucky enough to get my iPad 2 on release day last time (by almost threatening a salesman with his life:) ) hopefully I'll be as lucky this time.


If the rumours are true then I guess an upgrade in price is a given since the retina display alone is not going to come cheap

To check out the rumours indepth, read all about it on Gizmodo

Catch all the action LIVE via the Gizmodo Apple Announcement Live Blog as it happens... you know what I'm gonna be doing at that time don't you? 🙂

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