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Is This The Best Prank In History? Scary Ghost Elevator Prank… [video]

We’ve all seen some good pranks, and we’ve all seen some lame pranks, but this Evil Scary Ghost Elevator prank is quite possibly the best prank ever performed… and you’ll see just why… DO NOT TAKE A SIP OF YOUR COFFEE/TEA WHILST WATCHING THIS! I should know…

I was meant to post this for you lot yesterday evening however I got a bit tied up with my Steers post that I was yawning much more so decided to head of to bed and post it today… little did I realise that this video would go absolutely ridiculously viral… so just on the off-chance that you haven’t actually seen it yet, well here’s your chance.

This prank which was performed in Brazil on unsuspecting victims thinking they were just going for an ordinary ride in a lift to another floor would very shortly have possibly the most hair-raising experience of their lifetime, its surprising that nobody actually suffered a major cardiac arrest otherwise known as your average heart attack in the process…

Naturally this literally has you in fits of laughter as you view the panic and dismay that these poor victims go through… its FLIPPING hilarious!


I won’t lie… I would have kaked myself stukkend!

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