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It May Be A Rainy Day For The Royal Wedding

It's just days before the Royal Wedding, after months of planning for the royal household… but it looks like it could be a rainy day for Wills and Kate… which also means no sunny day off for us :(

After an awesome Easter weekend of sunshine and not to mention a sunny week before that, the weather is set to turn this week leaving the royal wedding in a spot of bother for Friday. We're in the final days before the Wills and Kate take the centre stage infront of an expected two billion TV viewers but the 5 day forecasts are not looking promising… as you can imagine though, there is a full contingency plan in place should rain threaten to spoil the occasion, but I guess it's still gonna look pretty crap if its all grey and rainy on the day… for their sake, I hope the sun shines as it just wouldn't be cool for them if it didn't.

Didn't the Russian's devise a way to spray clouds with dry ice to clear the skies for a Paul McCartney concert back in 2004? just saying… :)



Check the London forecast from the BBC… EISH! in medieval times, I'd imagine it would be a case of "Off with their heads!"

It's a shame really, but I guess, what can you do… or expect from our wonderful British weather.  That does also mean that for us all enjoying a day off work we won't be outside catching some sun, but likely to be stuck inside with nothing else better to do that watch the Royal Wedding on TV… go figure…

I was taking a look at the Royal Wedding Guest List and noticed that there will be someone close to home attending the wedding, and that is none other than the King of Swaziland himself…. pack a raincoat and a jacket your highness :)
I should feel quite honoured since Tony and Cherie Blair didn't even crack the nod.

Check out the official guest list here

Saying that I noticed Jacob Zuma didn't crack a nod…. I think its now quite apparent that one was not amused with the chess set he gave her on his last visit… which she had already got from someone else before… EISH :)

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