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Jacob Zuma Plugs Daughter’s Sitcom Via Presidential Twitter Account

Oh no he didn't? Yes he did… SA President just punted his daughters sitcom on tonight via the Presidential Twitter account…

Check this out

Now at face value that seems like a pretty innocent tweet, however it was problem child that let the cat out the bag.


I confirmed on the DSTV Website

So since the Presidential account is now in the business of advertising things like TV shows and stuff, I thought I'd would be in a good position to request the following

I'm still waiting for a response… or a ReTweet 🙂

I guess the fuel strike in SA is a little bit more well co-ordinated than we originally thought, you see, this way everybody will be at home watching DSTV because its not like they can drive anywhere 🙂

I think he can expect a bit of a backlash on this one, I mean, can you imagine if Barack Obama used an official US Government Twitter account to ask everyone to buy his daughter's cupcakes that she had baked… EISH!

I guess there's a fine line between being a proud parent and running a country…


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