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James Braai

James Braai 0027 – Bringing Braai Offenders To Justice

Step aside Bond… There's a new cat in town on a mission to educate braai offenders… yes I mean the brits… The name's Braai,

This is pretty well done… and very typically London Saffa of course 🙂

It's doing the rounds quite a bit lately, already racking up a few thousand views on YouTube.

James Braai is sent on a quest to combat "Braai Crime" and educate offenders that braaing is not just a case of the quickest way to cook your meat… not to mention quick cooking "food" such as burger patties, but it's an art in itself.

Check out the vid, it's pretty schweet

Kiff cab bru 🙂

"Got any vegitables?"

"Ja, we''ve got plenty of chicken"

 I dig that haha 🙂

I wonder if James Braai needs a sidekick… I reckon our good friend Parys would be perfect for the job 🙂


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