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Jeb Corliss – Table Mountain Wingsuit Crash As It Happened… In Hi Def

Check out this bit of the HBO Sports Special which was aired in the US two nights ago which shows Jeb Corliss' wingsuit crash on Table Mountain up close and in Hi Def with multiple angles... its pretty frickin hectic!

Remember the post from a few weeks ago where wingsuit man Jeb Corliss had a hectic crash on Table Mountain where from an amateur video he appeared to clip some rocks on the way down breaking both his legs... well HBO were filming the event at the same time for a special and it was aired in the US two nights ago showing the crash in some pretty astonishing detail.

Check these this out

Hear how he said he wasn't scared of Table Mountain anymore... yeah the said the Titanic was unsinkable too... 

Anyway, that was just a short preview... now watch this.... EISH!

HAIBO! how he still has legs is pretty astonishing to be honest... even more astonishing is he still managed to pull his rip cord and get to the ground safely after taking a massive hit like that al within a matter of seconds... 

Like I said before, I hope Jeb is making a swift recovery so he can get back to what does best, because what he does is frickin amazing! Huge Respect!

Source [LifeIsSavage]

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