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Jennifer Aniston Attempts Viral Video… And Succeeds

Dubbed The Jennifer Aniston Sex Tape... Jennifer Aniston attempting to create a viral ad video has well, gone viral...

A couple days ago, Glaceau launched their Drink Smart Water ad campaign , featuring the likes of ex-Friends star Jennifer Aniston attempting to create a viral video using characters from actual viral wonders such as the lip-sync kid and the double rainbow guy... well it seems the campaign has worked pretty damn well... because since it was uploaded to YouTube 2 days ago, its had a phenominal 2.7million views... almost 3 times more views than Aniston was making per episode in the final season of Friends...

Check out the video, its actually quite entertaining... not to mention Jen is still pretty cranking hot 🙂

As far as Glaceau must be concerned, its been money well spent 🙂

Well done Jen, you're now taking over the interweb 🙂

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