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Jerm Reads News24 Comments [video]

Jerm reads us a few top notch comments posted on News24, wow! there are some real gems out there 🙂

It appears that  South African Cartoonist, Jerm and I have something in common... let's just say that when you're having a kak day, just browse  over to News24, pick a random article and head straight for the comments... trust me, your self confidence level will be topped up to the brim, one time..along with a good dose of laughter for good measure.Those who are friends with me on Facebook will remember I posted this a few weeks ago and it seems a few people agree 🙂2013-09-30 23:09:42 +00001It's so flipping true though 🙂So Jerm has done something wicked and created a nice little video showcasing some real winners for the "Can Spoke Inglish Delishislee Awards"Check this outAnd just incase you didn't notice... this is actually part 4... take a look at the other over at his YouTube channel... I'd say this is definitely one you'll want to subscribe to.Like Jerm says, if you are going to take the time to actually respond to an article in a public forum, at least just take a few seconds longer to use, punctuation and read what you wrote so it might make sense...because you're only embarrassing yourself.Nice one Jerm bru!

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