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John Smit Has Let Himself Go Since Leaving SA… EISH!

Is Former Captain, falling victim of Heathrow Injection, he seems to have packed on a few pounds since we last saw him… shocking!

Over here we call it Heathrow injection, ja that thing that happens to many a hot doll when they get to London and pack on the pounds… shame :)

As you know John Smit is over here in the UK jolling for the now, you may remember I was one of the first to let you know

John otherwise known as The Barndog, tweeted this self portrait of himself a couple hours ago… it's a shame when good players let themselves go… :)

Who ate all the pies!?!  BOOM! :)

haha :) Actually it was John showing off his little scruffy tach in support of , touched up with a bit of the app

I guess John rolls with an , good boi! :)

Nice work John! Need to get you down to Wimbledonfontein sometime for a little Hoesit, Hoe lyk it! Victor popped in yesterday

Wanna catch John in action, get yourself tickets for Saracens vs Ospreys at Wembley Stadium on 10 Dec 2011


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