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Juju, You Are The Weakest Link…. Good Bye

The NDC has spoken... It's time for Julius Malema to go...Julius Malema has been expelled from the ANC... that is the news swooping across South Africa at the moment

The NDC (National Disciplinary Council) of the ANC has decided to expel Julius Malema from the ANC altogether, I'd like to put it as, they've told him to pack his paai and vaai ekse! 🙂

The NDC announced at around 8am yesterday morning that it would announce the verdict of Julius Malema's case later yesterday afternoon. The jury was out until early evening when the news was announced. Julius and his lawyer posse weren't able to attend the verdict due to the short notice which is something that he's likely to jump up and down about.

Check this screenshot from the Politicsweb website which shows the official statement by the NDC... right there, point 89.1

Only thing that sux is point 91 where he has the right to appeal within 14 days... I bet thats not too short notice Juju... but ja, he's obviously gonna appeal that one for sure.

Now thats what I call PROGRESS! 🙂

For the full run down of how he can and can't get himself out of his little spot of poo check this article on News 24

Don't worry Juju, during your off you'll have so much more time to read PharSide articles... Remember Juju schmaaks PharSide bigtime, even posted a PharSide article on his official website some time ago 🙂


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