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Julius Malema Digs PharSide.co.uk… Fact!

He even posted his Nando's article on his own personal website would you believe it… true's bob.

On Friday afternoon and I was checking out my daily traffic stats, you know, where it tells how many awesome people such as yourself are digesting what I'm serving on PharSide. I just happened to notice that I was getting a number of visitors from http://www.juliusmalema.co.za/. Obviously this drew my attention since the page visitors were being sent to was in fact the 's Nando's Ad article that I posted on Thursday here. So I popped over to the website and low and behold, there it was, the nice fully titled link to the PharSide article right on his front page, just to the left of his "Apology to President ".

Just in case you don't believe me, I took the time to take a nice little screenshot for your viewing pleasure since its no longer available on the site (Click to Enlarge)

Now I know you're probably thinking what I initially thought… is this really his own website?… well apparently it is, according to Wikipedia

The conclusion I can come up with though is that his "Latest News" seems to be an automatic RSS feed that possibly updates with any news that mentions "" in its title that is posted on Google.

Now if this is the case then firstly I'd say this is a bit of an epic fail on JuJu's part, and secondly, I may have just opened a little can of worms and started a little trend of fun where other bloggers could just about say anything about JuJu and it will get displayed on his very own blog….

just saying 🙂


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