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Kite Surfer Jumps Brighton Pier…WTF!

Here's a little something that separates the boys from the truly insane... dude, kite, pier, over....

Here's a little something my boy Nash posted yesterday which I'm sure many, including myself can understand the true epicness of this, since pretty much everyone of us has taken a "quick" Sunday drive to Brighton when the weather is cooking, only to get stuck in traffic just outside Brighton for a long period of time. Eventually you get to the beach pebbled shore, walk up and down the pier, observe The Chav population in their multitudes, then get back in the car and mission back to London because the day is pretty much done... total time actually spent on pebbled shore, 1 hour...

But anyway, here's a dude that goes by the name of Lewis Crathern who has found something slightly better to do on his day trip to Brighton.

You see, Lewis likes to kite surf, and from what you are about to see, he obviously got a bit bored of just cruising up and down the water all day... now for those of you that have taken a stroll up and down the chavvy pier, through the arcade games center and watched a couple chav's shit themselves on the lame rides, will understand this isn't exactly what you may call a lame jump... because that is one big ass pier


And here's another angle... of the launch

I bet the chav's were thrilled... although knowing them, they probably started throwing Arcade tokens at him to see if they could hit him in mid air...

Pretty damn impressive Mr. Crathern 🙂

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