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Kulula gets a new paint job…

Check out the new paint job on South Africa's low-cost airline Kulula.com

You've gotta love this South African touch, which as you know is a break from formality with two tablespoons of humorous touch.

Apparently it was quite a bright spark idea to do this and it looks like whoever came up with this bright spark idea at Kulula is in for a big bonus this year. Pictures of the plane are circulating wildly over the net and even in The Sun newspaper here in the UK, which as you can imagine is doing wonders for Kulula's advertising campaign since the World Cup is just around the corner and thousands of soccer fans are gonna be looking for cheap flights to get around the country… which airline is going to be at the forefront of their little hooligan minds?

I'd say thats a WIN for Kulula :)

Check it out!

[Thanks Ballie]

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