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Lady Gaga Bacon

Lady Gaga of Brakpan

There's been a tremendous amount of hype lately surrounding and her "Genuine " outfit… Well here we have South Africa's own Lady Gaga "Boerewors Meisie" or Lady Gaga…

Well incase you have no idea what I'm talking about, eyes left… Yes, that is Lady Gaga attending the Video Music Awards recently in a 100% real bacon outfit. No surprise really since when if comes to Lady Gaga, if it can be attached, it will be worn, end of story… I seriously would have hated to be sitting next to her that night, cause eish! can you just imagine how the doll must have started to pong in a warm room with drying out bacon, I guess flies were the only things that were attracted to her that night.


Now in South Africa, we have a knack of taking something, then twist it and turn it, manipulate it like play dough and present a finished product which kind of resembles the original, but not quite. This is what I like to call a "Brakpan Remix". Now the Brakpan Remix has been around for a very long time. For instance, They took Rock and Roll, Brakpan Remixed it and voila… Boere Musiek! Along came Axl Rose of Guns 'n Roses, he got Brakpan Remixed and voila!… Steve Hofmeyer 🙂 Let's not forget that Lady Gaga has been Brakpan Remixed before… remember Pap 'n Vleis? Even Vanilla Ice's track, Ice Ice Baby was Brakpan Remixed by our very own Parys Potgieter with, Hot Hot Baby… the list is endless.

I would like to present to you the very latest Brakpan Remix… The Brakpan Lady Gaga 🙂

Isn't she damn fine!?! I'm sure a lot of okes would schmaak a piece of that action 🙂

Just incase you're wondering just who this hot piece of flesh is… I've got her contact details for all you eager beavers out there 🙂

This just happens to be hilarious Legend, the one and only, Snoddie… aka , Stand Up Comedian, Radio TV and Sports Journalist. To me he's the dude who provides a portion of my daily entertainment on Twitter, so do yourself a favour and whack a follow ekse 🙂 I see his beard is growing back 🙂 He also just so happens to be good friends with my boy Nash

I'll leave you with Parys… Enjoy 🙂


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