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Lick Your VIVA! We’re spreading the Zefness

You're sitting vegging on your couch in London one night after a long hard day in the office, the TV is on and you're pretty zoned in... you don't take note of the English accents on TV anymore since its pretty much the norm now... then suddenly something grabs your full undivided attention like a certain smell that instantly triggers a distant memory.... such as this...

Yip, that exact scenario above happened to me the other night... It catches those little sensors in your ears like your frickin poodle when it hears a noise outside.

I'm not sure who, why or how a bunch of zef South Africans got to be the forefront of a UK TV Channel but I do think its pretty damn schweet!  Check it out for yourself, just flick to channel 21 on your Freeview remote, and the ad literally pops up every 30 mins or so... the programs they show will definately keep you entertained while you wait for the ad to make an appearance nog al 🙂

Pretty damn funny though... kind of reminds me of this person 🙂

Kiff hey 🙂

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