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Life Is Savage Needs Your Vote In This Year’s SA Blog Awards

It's time to get excited! The SA Blogs Awards Public voting phase is open... Here's a few reasons why I think you should vote for my favourite blog this year!

The SA Blog Awards are upon us yet again... yes it's already been over a year since my little weekend escapade to Cape Town to attend the awards, which PharSide walked away with a spiffy award for "Best Overseas South African Blog". Aaaaand, lets not forget what I promised to do if I won last year... OUCH! It still hurts when I think about it 🙂

Now you're probably wondering why I'm asking you to vote, not for myself, but for a fellow blogger? Well you see, this year the SA Blog Awards have scaled down somewhat. Apart from there being much less categories than last years awards, which has sparked off its on bit of mess, there is no category for Best Overseas South African blog, which to be honest, has obviously got a lot to do with the fact that one rule in particular, is that all nominees must reside in South Africa. It's a bit of a shame since we won't see the likes of myself and Little Miss Kershaw from Indieberries dropping in to cause a touch of debauchery on the night, but is it really that much of a shame for myself? Well not really, since the way I see it, PharSide won last year's Best Overseas South African Blog right? So since there's no category for it, guess who still officially owns the title of Best Overseas South African Blog? Well moi of course  mwahahaha 🙂 And don't you worry, I'm still getting my little Cape Town visit in, which is this week in fact, thanks to the legends at PlayBoy SA... yes, you read correctly, PlayBoy SA have invited yours truly down to Cape Town for a few days this week... I'm so hot right now 🙂

So why have I picked Life Is Savage as my endorsement of choice for this years SA Blog Awards, well quite simply, Life Is Savage is one effing legend blog. A blog that I visit everyday for my dose of kiff and cool entertainment. The content style is very much like, if you dig PharSide, you'll fucking love Life Is Savage. I won't lie, it's also the spot that triggers content ideas for PharSide, especially when I've had a mind numbing day at work and looking for something to feed your addictions with. Without fail, Life Is Savage provides you with your daily dose that is interesting and stuff you actually want to read, pretty much like what 2OceansVibe was when it used to be a blog, in my opinion Life Is Savage has filled that gap in the blogoshere quite well since 2OceansVibe's exit into mainstream media.  

So ja, that is why I think you should do the right thing, right now and vote for Life Is Savage as Best Entertainment/LifeStyle Blog in the SA Blog Awards 2011, public voting is open so give the image below a little fondle with you mouse button. Do it! Do it now! not just now, not now now..RIGHT NOW! 🙂 I only vont to hear von click! 🙂

I wanted to give Bangers and Nash as my second choice this year, but unfortunately he is also in the same category and the way the voting system works is that, if you vote for a blog, then come back and vote for another blog in the same category, then your first choice is overwritten by 2nd choice, which kind of defeats the whole object of supporting my first choice.... but then again, if I remember correctly, Nash prefers to finish 2nd, since finishing first usually leaves others feeling somewhat, unsatisfied 🙂 

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